Enjoy a Crepe Escape at Lamia’s Crepes on Granby

In my former life in another city, there was a crepe cart that would randomly pop up at street fairs or farmer’s markets and folks would line up to eat thin, delicious pancakes slathered with nutella and folded nicely into a sleeve. Imagine my delight when Lamia’s Crepes opened on Granby just a few months ago.

I wandered into the creperie on a sunny Wednesday and was greeted by the friendly staff and the IMG_6961exhuberant Lamia herself, who was excited to whip up something delicious for me. If you’ve never seen a crepe prepared, I suggest you stick around and watch it done. The staff is great on the griddles and produce a tender and delicious shell waiting to be stuffed with goodness.

The crepes came up quickly and were absolutely wonderful, but more on that in a second.

The restaurant was opened by Lamia Pappas and Mike Pitney. Pitney,a former U.S. Navy sailor and defense contractor, was dining with his future business partner Lamia in Ghent when they came across an article about Granby’s Vibrant Spaces. They decided to apply that night to make their crepe-filled dreams come true, and drove over to Granby Street to check out the area. They parked outside what would one day be their shop and, according to Lamia, “I saw it and I said, ‘we’ll take it!'” Just over a year later and they’re up and running and cranking out delicious crepes with a happy staff of crepe artists.


It’s a truly wonderful street on which to have a restaurant. Owners of the Grilled Cheese Bistro/Greenhouse Kitchen and Sweet Tea both stopped by to say hello, and Lamia told me that the neighbors have been so supportive. “They were so happy to have us. They always check on us and see if we need anything,” says Lamia.

Now for what you came here for. Are those crepes are delicious as they look?

They sure are.

The crepes themselves are the size of a large dinner plate and are layered with fillers of your choosing and folded to be about the size of a piece of pizza. They’re designed to be an “on the go” food.

IMG_6988“The Classic” is layered with nutella and chocolate sauce, and I’m told it’s reminiscent of the traditional crepes one would get in Europe. My favorite was “The Pomme,” which is filled with housemade apple and cinnamon compote and topped with caramel. They were both delicious, but the Pomme had just a little extra bit of love in it. There are other compotes available (strawberry, apricot or raspberry) and the menu also includes a tempting offering for next time called “The German” which is a combination of lemon, caramel and sugar. It came highly recommended.

Another on the “to try” list for next time is a choice of selections from the savory list. This is key, explained Mike. The menu is balanced between sweet crepes and savory. He explained to me that before they jumped in, they checked out a creperie in California who also offered savory menu options. “There are places that sell sweet crepes but not savory,” explained Mike. “It seemed like an opportunity to offer something new and different.”

IMG_6957Because the concept is relatively new to the area, Mike and Lamia are holding back on radical menu changes for the immediate future. I can’t blame them; classics never die and when you can make something that simply sumptuous, don’t mess with a good thing. Lamia assures me there are lots of recipes to try, though, and I look forward to riding my bike down and sampling new flavors as they make the menu.

There’s a small counter for diners inside and a few tables outside, but word is spreading and Lamia’s fillsIMG_6974 up fast. Swing by, order a crepe, and enjoy the ambiance of Granby Street. Lamia’s Crepes is open Tuesday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m., and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. All but two crepes are under $10, and they’re a good serving. Although it may be messier, I can see going halfsies with a friend: one ordering a sweet crepe and one ordering a savory and then splitting them.

I’m sure you’ll see me in there again. Visit Lamia’s Crepes on Facebook.

Bon Appetit!