Hashi Pop-up at Esoteric

Just wanted to share some photos from the Hashi Pop-up at Esoteric the other week. If you haven’t experienced the two places, make sure you put them on your short list.

Esoteric is located at 501 Virginia Beach Blvd, just blocks from the oceanfront. Hashi is a Virginia Beach-based food truck serving up delish fusion dishes. When they come together it’s art! See below:

IMG_0215 IMG_0218 IMG_0220 IMG_0222 IMG_0226 IMG_0231 IMG_0236IMG_0245 IMG_0246 IMG_0249IMG_0239IMG_0250

IMG_0259IMG_0264 IMG_0272 IMG_0277 IMG_0280IMG_0255

George W. Culver is Eater-in-Chief at I-Heart-Food.com and contributes to several online and print publications. He makes a pretty mean Thai Basil Fried Rice too.