I Love Skrimps and Samiches…

I must say that I’ve lived all over America and I would have to say that Hampton Roads has some of the best food. Sometimes I enjoy the names of the restaurants and creative minds of the owners as much as the food.

I’ll start off with my most recent find, a cool little spot in Hampton on Kecoughtan Road named “The Barking Dog.” It caught my eye since I love great hot dogs. Whether it has chili and onion or coleslaw and mustard, which they have, a hot dog is awesome! The even had one with bacon on it but being ” The Ghetto Vegetarian” that I am I chose my protein pretty carefully so I went with the alligator sausage with grilled onions. Yeah, alligator in the 757! I’m just glad they’re already shoes or sausage when they get here. But the waitresses were great and the food was hot. I’m definitely going back.IMG_0909-1

The next one almost made me wreck my car on Tidewater Drive. I saw the big red sign that read SOME DA EAT…(Home of the Flying Spaghetti). I know you are wondering like I was, “What is heck is Flying Spaghetti?” It’s actually a pretty good deal. A huge helping of baked spaghetti with turkey burger and turkey sausage covered with cheese with a side of two fried chicken wings. People line up out the door to get it. My personal favorite is the cabbage and collard greens mix. It’s seasoned just right and keeps me from needing a colonoscopy.                                           IMG_0450

Last but not least by a long shot is “The Skrimp Shack.” No that wasn’t a typo. I said skrimp. I almost called the Newport News Chamber of Commerce to complain until I tasted a Samwich from there. No, I know what your thinking. This is not the second typo in this blog. It clearly states it on the sign “The Skrimp Shack…Best fish Samwich in town.” I don’t know about you, but if someone claims to have the best Samwich I gotta try it. And I did, the Skrimp Po’boy covered in blue crab meat with some bread that will almost melt as you bite it. So now that I have actually tried one I would have to agree they have the best Samwich in town.


No matter what side of the tunnel you’re on there’s some great food around here and I would suggest giving the mom and pop spots a chance. It seems to me they make it with a little more love…


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