7 Out of the Lunch Box Back to School Ideas

By about mid-November, there’s a good chance your kid will be sick of sandwiches or school lunches. Or, if you’re lucky, your little student may love sandwiches, but you get sick of making them.

Either way, how about starting off the 2016-2017 school year with a few new ideas in your lunchtime arsenal? Here are some different lunches that your kids will be sure to love. Try slipping some of these yummy ideas into your spouse’s or your own lunch box, too!

Do you have any ideas or lunch tips for us? Send them to us and we’ll include them on our list! info@hrscene.com


How many sliders do you think you could get out of a pound of ground beef or turkey? When you fire up the grill for a cookout or a tailgating party, how about throwing a few mini burgers on, as well? Sliders are still technically sandwiches, but it’s something yummy and different!

Chicken bites

Chicken nuggets, strips, and bites are always home runs at dinner, so why not toss them in a lunch box? Remember to cool them off first so they don’t get soggy with condensation. If you’re worried about your kid not liking them cold, test run them as an afternoon snack first.


Tortillas of all kinds and even lettuce can take a boring sandwich and make it fun!

Try creative stuffers, too, like chicken salad or hummus. A nut butter and banana is always a good combo!

Pinwheel or Rollups

It’s amazing how a simple snack can be part of a wonderful lunch. taking a slice of lunch meat or even a soft piece of bread and rolling it around a cheese stick is easy and yummy!

Kiddie Bento Box

Is your kid a picker? How about getting one a segmented plastic container and filling the compartments with variety. Fruit in one, cheese or crackers in another, a sweet snack or savory finger foods in a third. Variety is the spice of life!

Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Mini muffin pan plus cornbread mix plus cut up hot dogs and bam! You have mini corn dog muffins. Who doesn’t love fair food?

Baby kebabs

Sometimes it’s all about the presentation. This is probably safer for older kids, but how about kebabs? Take chunks of grilled chicken, cheese, even fruit and put them on a stick!