Protocol Wine Studio

After spending years creating exquisite desserts as a pastry chef and the owner of a wedding cake company in California, Tina Morey developed a deep love for the fruit of the vine.

In 2007, Morey enrolled in the country’s first Court of Sommeliers program. And the rest is history. Originally from New Jersey, Morey spent nearly 25 years in sunny California and now calls Virginia Beach home. She is the co-founder of Protocol Wine Studio – a wine think tank of sorts.

Protocol is the parent company of five endeavors including the innovative wine club, Le Metro, created for wine & art lovers alike and SommKit, a brand new product designed for wine professionals.

While the bricks and mortar studio is based in San Diego, Morey is responsible for the company’s East Coast operations. She oversees client development, the company’s online educational programs, social media, events and she also sources unique wines from around the world for Le Metro.

Le Metro: The Wine 

To Morey, Le Metro is so much more than your typical wine club – it’s where wine, art and culture collide.

Each month, Le Metro features a collection of six wines that share a common theme. All of the selections are small boutique wines with limited production. A real treat for the wine lover in all of us. Whether it’s the winemaker, region, climate, varietal or terroir – the wines have a common link and share a story. This month, a delicious assortment of rosés take center stage. In July, the focus shifts to some impressive wines in Oregon that will delight every palate.

Le Metro: The Art 

In addition to the boutique wine collection, every month a fabulous wine zine is included Le Metro Vol XXV - Rosé front imagein your shipment.  As soon as you open the box, you are immediately greeted with a nostalgic album cover design that houses a 12×12 full colored graphic featuring original artwork and stories behind every bottle and tasting notes.  Wine is meant to engage all of your senses and Morey wanted every member to have an immediate connection to the wine before they even pop the cork.

Every three months, Le Metro features a new artist. Virginia Beach artist Reba McConnell will be sharing her talents for the August, September and October editions of Le Metro.

Perfect Father’s Day Gift: 

So, if you’re still mulling over the perfect gift for Dad, why not skip the boring tie and get him a gift that truly keeps on giving. The gift of wine!  Le Metro offers monthly and quarterly shipments.


Somm Kitt As Le Metro begins its third year, Morey & Guy are busy rolling out a brand new product, SommKit. As a pastry chef, Morey always had her important tools on hand. She wanted to create a similar product for people working in the wine trade. Each SommKit houses all of your important wine tools in a practical and attractive place. This is perfect for the wine professional or even the wine enthusiast who loves to entertain!

When it comes to wine, Morey encourages everyone to “taste it, share it, live it and always drink with conviction.”

To learn more about Protocol Wine Studio and its founders Tina Morey and Eric Guy, visit their website.