5 Ways To Save On Back To School Clothing in Hampton Roads

Back To School shopping has begun and clothing is high on many shopping lists!  It also can be the item that completely blows your budget.  In Hampton Roads we have even more options that some parts of the country to save big on clothes- whether you buy new or “more experienced.”

Check out these 5 Ways To Save On Back To School Clothing in Hampton Roads:

1.  Shop Tax Free Weekend– August 7 – 9 is tax free shopping weekend in Virginia.  The stores know that people will want to shop and often offer some nice discounts!  The items included in the sale are school supplies under $20 each and clothing and footwear under $100 each.  Click here to check out the specifics.

2.  Take Advantage of On-line Shopping with Coupon Codes– Parents loving shopping on-line now.  It can be so much easier than heading into the store with places like Target allowing you to shop online and return in store.  That way if items don’t fit it’s no big deal.  Use an on-line coupon database like this one and find some savings of your own!

3.  Sell Your Kid’s Gently Used Clothes and Shop Used–  In Hampton Roads we are fortunate to have many stores that will consign your name brand children’s clothing.  You can make some money off of their old clothes and purchase new (to you) clothes at a discount.  Just google “children’s resale” and your city and a nice list will pop up.

4.  Check Clearance Racks and Shop with In-Store Coupons

5.  Do a Clothing Swap–  If you have friends who have children, see if you can pick through their old clothes, and ask if they want to take a look at your kids’ old clothes as well.  This can be especially helpful in schools that have uniforms.  If items are still in good condition they can be passed down to smaller children.

Bonus:: Take advantage of free credits from places like Schoola, Thred-Up, and Twice. 

Think for a minute how quickly your child outgrows his/her clothes and how nice they still look when they no longer fit. These are the kind of clothes you can get for FREE from Schoola and Thred-Up! Schoola and Thred-Up also have clothing items that are new with tags.

You can get $50 in FREE Clothes from Schoola! Here’s how::

  1. Go here to get $15.00.
  2. Create a “collection” to get another $10.00 credit (To do this, click on “collections” at the top > New Collection > Create a Collection).
  3. Add $50.00 of clothes to your cart.
  4. At checkout, use the coupon code BACKTOSCHOOLA to save an additional 50%. It will drop your price in half and for a limited time shipping is free on orders over $25!

You can get an additional $20 in FREE clothes from ThredUp! Here’s how::

  1. Go here and sign up.
  2. Verify your email address (you have to do this to get your credit).
  3. Add an item or two to your cart and at checkout your $20.00 credit will be applied. You can add an item of around $15 or less and the $20 credit should cover shipping as well.