Frugal Tips for Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is a week-long celebration observed the first full week in May. While some schools have special days your school most likely is celebrating that week!

When you start making a list of teachers to shop for it can get LONG.  And that can turn out to be expensive.  So check out these Frugal Tips for Teacher Appreciation Week and cut back on your spending while still sending the appreciation hard working teachers deserve!

Shop the Sales Early and Store to Give Later–  Certain items go on sale at certain times of year and they often don’t coincide with Teacher Appreciation Week.  So grab the items you want to give early and tuck them away somewhere safe.  Maybe it’s storage containers from your local 31 consultant or a cute bottle of lotion that just happens to be last year’s scent.  Classroom supplies are much cheaper around back to school but can be used later to make some creative gift ideas (check out this Sharpie Watering Can!).  Shop early and save big!

Buy Discounted Gift Cards– There are several sites online where you can purchase gift cards at a slight discount.  Need a $10 starbucks card- pay $8.50 for it.  Be sure to do your research or talk to friends about reputable sites they have used.  It’s not a huge savings but every few dollars helps!frugal tips for teacher appreciation week

Write It Instead of Buying It–  While teachers like candles and lotion as much as the next guy sometimes it means just as much to reach a sincere, heart-felt note from a student.  Many teachers keep scrapbooks or files of the notes they receive from students over the years.  When they are having a bad day it’s nice to pull them out and feel encouraged.  Consider sending a copy to the principal as well and asking them to include it in the teacher’s personnel file!  If you need some inspiration check out these Teacher Appreciation Quotes to get you started.

Earn Kroger Points for Gift Cards– If you are lucky enough to live by a Kroger that has fuel pumps you can save big money on gas.  For every dollar you spend at Kroger you earn 1 fuel point.  BUT for every gift card you buy you earn 2 points.  And on select dates gift cards are worth 4x the fuel points.  At Kroger Fuel Centers, you can choose how much of your discount you want to use…up to $1 OFF per gallon!  So if you are planning on buying gift cards you might as well save on gas!

Use a Cute Printable Message– For those of us who aren’t creative on our own that is why sites like Pinterest were created.  Bloggers create items like this Teacher Appreciation Thank You Letter and take all the work out of it.  Just follow the directions, print the card and you are finished. Teachers will love it and you don’t have to rack your brain coming up with an idea.  Most of these ideas are very frugal and not too time consuming.

Take these suggestions to heart and you won’t go broke trying to let the teachers in your life know how amazing they are.  A little bit of planning can go a long way!