hrScene Guides


Playground Guide

You know your neighborhood parks, but why not try something new with the kids? We have a list of playgrounds that will keep you busy! They’re fun, safe, free, and all over Hampton Roads. What are you waiting for? Start playing!

Amusement Park Guide

Amusement Parks are a great way to spend a summer vacation day, and Hampton Roads has some great options for the whole family. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking roller coaster lover or you have a toddler in tow, there’s an amusement park for you that’s not too far of a drive.

Fishing Guide

Fishing can be anything from a serene, quiet moment to yourself to a day of bonding and fun with the family, waves crashing all around.

Rainy Day Activities Guide

It’s hard to tell who’s more let down with a rainy summer day: parents or kids. But a rainy day doesn’t have to be a boring, wasted day!

Kayaking Guide

Here’s a list of all the places you can kayak in Hampton Roads. Kayaking is a fun and exciting activity that you can perform by exploring the inner waterways or out in the ocean. If you already have a kayak, here’s a list of places to take off.

Hiking Guide

You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy an afternoon of hiking, and you don’t have to go far when you live in Hampton Roads.