How to order healthy while dining out

Let’s face it. The steak can be a little more appetizing than the spinach salad and finishing your chicken nuggets off with a milkshake is delicious. But stuffing a No. 3 down your throat with extra cheese isn’t the best step forward for your wellbeing. It takes a little time to figure out the healthiest options when you’re out and the restaurant offers 500 different meals. But we have a few tips for you to jumpstart the process.

Read the entire menu and then order first. This might sound a little bit like homework. But if you can acquaint yourself with everything they offer, you won’t just end up getting the fattiest burger along with your friend Steve. Sometimes estaurants will show the nutritional information next to the food, but if not, you can make some educated guesses to the tastiest, healthiest thing available.

Stick to water. Sodas, frozen lemonades and other tasty drinks usually carry a high sugar or sugar-substitute price tag with them along with adding to the final bill. Most of these drinks aren’t as thirst-quenching as water and leave you sipping dry several cups.

Send back the free starters. The chips and salsa, half-loaves and olive oil, and the breadsticks. Ask the waiter to not bring those out. They can be almost unconscious calories that are better used in the more filling entrée coming soon.

Be creative. At the same time, we no longer live in a world of just main courses. You can flip it up. Maybe there are two sides and an appetizer that look good and have a low calorie count. Or you could put together a soup and salad with some green beans or Brussels sprouts. Don’t be afraid to deviate from just one main course, though. Bring in everything the restaurant has to offer.

Avoid ‘crispy’ and aim for grilled, baked, roasted, broiled. Crispy is the new code for fried. We admit – crispy sounds a lot better but try to aim for the meals with grilled, baked, roasted or broiled as an adjective.