Life in the Fast Lane at the AAU Junior Olympics

I’m sitting here at Norfolk State University watching some of the fastest kids in America compete in AAU Junior Olympics. And I’m a comedian so I was sitting there wondering when I’m gonna just yell “Run Forest, Run!”

In all seriousness this has to be one of the biggest sporting events I have ever attended. Athletes have traveled a many mile to come compete in Hampton Roads.

I was very impressed by some of the young athletes’ drive and passion, and not just the winners. Sometimes I found more character in the athlete that was dead last with no chance of winning gold, still digging it out until they crossed that finish line. I’ll take that person on my team any day.

I can’t forget the parents the parents who provide the opportunity for these speedsters, jumpers, shot putters and walkers.

Yeah I said walkers! This had to be one of my favorites events of the day. It almost reminded me when I was in elementary school and you weren’t allowed to run but you still wanted to be in front of the line. And I’m proud to say my children’s cousin Justin from South Carolina won a bronze medal for the 11-year-old division.

After two hours in the heat cheering on people I didn’t really know it was finally show time. The 100-meter sprints!!

When the announcer said for all the sprinters to start lining up, it felt like I was at a NASCAR race when they “Start your engines.”

This event happened to be special to me because it featured the Mustang Track from Culpeper County (my hometown), and my younger cousin Ashton King, who is one of the favorites in the 12-year-old division, and my childhood friends Chris and Larissa Robinson’s son Sheldon Robinson who is ranked #1 in the nation in the 8-year-old 100 meters.

Let me tell you I almost had tears in my eyes to see both of these guys rise to the occasion and give the crowd what they wanted. Winning their heats and heading for the semi-finals and with the blessing of God, the finals.


I’ll definitely be back for the finals but for now my baby is hot and we were tracked out for the day. Plus we wanted to hit Doumars for a strawberry shortcake real quick before rush hour through the tunnel.


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