5 Tips to Stay Flu-Free this Holiday Season

cold, flu, sneeze

The last thing you need is to come down with a nasty bug or the flu when you should be celebrating.

There’s so much to do this time of year that often our own personal health and well being falls by the wayside when it goes up against decorating your home, shopping for and wrapping presents, endless parties or cooking for what feels like a million people.

Here are some ways to take care so you don’t catch a cold or the flu while you have a million things to do. Nobody wants to miss all the wonderful holiday lights and presents while they’re stuck in bed instead!

1. Get Your Flu Shot

This one isn’t as obvious as you’d think. Call your insurance, check with your doctor, and get that shot if you haven’t already. Flu shots are often the kinds of things that fall on the “oh yea I need to take care of that” list right up until your head starts throbbing.

2. Eat well and take care of yourself

A generally healthy body will fight off bugs better than anything else, but it’s hard to take care of yourself sometimes during the holiday season. There are kids to pick up, shopping to do, and Santa duties to tackle that lead to long nights. Add on travel schedules or brutal guest preparations, and before you know it you’re averaging 4 hours of sleep a night and chowing down on fast food. Be kind to yourself. You are your own best defense.

3. Keep your hands clean

We all know germs love to live on door knobs, computer keyboards, and phones. Be diligent about spraying or wiping down shared surfaces at work, and keep up with good hand washing habits. Avoid touching your face, and open doors with feet, elbows and hips if you can. Find a good antibacterial hand lotion, too.

4. If you feel the sniffles, stay home

You can often head off a bad cold with rest early on, so if you’re feeling under the weather, STAY HOME. Don’t feel guilty about missing work; your coworkers would rather pull your weight for a day or two than get sick themselves. Don’t try to push yourself.

5. Rest

Even if you’re not feeling ill, make time to take it easy. Delegate some of the chores to your kids or spouse, hit up a local bakery instead of staying up all night cooking, and don’t feel too guilty about letting a classic Christmas movie babysit for a little while.

For more tips on preventing the flu, check in with the CDC’s guide here. 

Stay safe and healthy, and if you are in tip top shape, check out these fun local holiday events!