Military Minute: EM1 Matthew Reiner

We salute Electrician’s Mate 1st Class Matthew Reiner.

Reiner was announced as Petty Officer of the Quarter aboard the USS Harry S. Truman. The competition has many requirements and the “best” sailor is selected by a board from a pool of 300 candidates.

Reiner is a leading Petty Officer in the engineering department’s electrical division. He is responsible for supervising sailors in the electrical tool issue and battery and lighting work centers. Those sailors maintain and repair all of the shipboard lighting, electrical outlets and electrical tools vital to daily operations aboard the Truman. The work center is also responsible for conducting electrical safety checks for the personal electronic items owned by Truman’s 5,000 Sailors.

As electrical division’s career counselor, he assists more than 70 sailors to develop a plan for professional growth by providing guidance on choosing their next job. He also connects those sailors to resources that help them apply for officer programs or reenlistment.

Reiner is also responsible for developing and conducting daily ship wide training with more than 600 sailors for the maintenance and material management program. The program focuses on managing preventative maintenance aboard the ship, making sure that equipment is always ready for action.

“A ‘Sailor of the Quarter’ needs to be willing to not just improve themselves, but improve others around them. Knowing what I do, either changing something or creating new ideas, that is what really motivates me,” said EM1 Reiner.