Military Minute: We Salute Stephanie Yonish & Ashley Miller

Each week we like to recognize our local service men and women for going above and beyond the call of duty.

In this week’s edition of “Military Minute,” we salute two women in the US Coast Guard, Machinery Technician 2nd Class Stephanie Yonish and Yeomen 2nd Class Ashley Miller.

Yonish was recently recognized as the Sector Hampton Roads Enlisted Person of the Year.

She has served since 2007 and is currently assigned to Sector Hampton Roads.

Yonish was recently recognized for both excellence in her assigned duties and for having saved the Coast Guard over $10,000 for her expert project oversight.

She also started the local Women’s Support Club which brought in more than $1,000 for local projects.

In addition, Yonish routinely volunteers to fill critical personnel shortages at other units.

As for Ashley Miller, she has served since 2007 and is currently assigned to the Fifth Coast Guard District.

Miller was recognized for excellence in her assigned duties, having processed orders, travel

Yeomen 2nd Class Ashley Miller
Yeomen 2nd Class Ashley Miller

claims, and qualification entries for over 4,000 Coast Guard Auxiliary members assigned to the Fifth District, as well as preparing an entire year’s worth of records for shipment to the Federal Records Center.

Aside from her regular duties, Miller also serves on the Work Study Charter Group, assists with blood drive efforts, and sits on the sexual assault prevention and response subcommittee.

Congratulations to both ladies for their hard work!