Military Minute: LCDR Eric Oliphant

Congratulations to Lieutenant Commander Eric Oliphant of the U.S. Coast Guard for receiving the Order of Daedalians Exception Pilot Award for 2015.

Oliphant 1 On February 14th 2015, LCDR Oliphant from Air Station Elizabeth City, proved to be an extraordinary leader after he led a daring rescue of four crewmen from a sailing vessel off the coast of North Carolina. As Aircraft Commander of CG6012, LCDR Oliphant led his crew offshore through a developing cold front. Conditions were too rough to deploy a rescue swimmer, so LCDR Oliphant directed the survivors to enter the frigid waters so that they could be rescued. LCDR Oliphant skillfully lowered the rescue swimmer and recovered each survivor despite the high winds, 14 foot seas, and lack of visibility from a faulty searchlight. With his crew and survivors aboard, LCDR Oliphant led everyone safely to Elizabeth City.

Oliphant 3

In addition to this exceptional display of airmanship, LCDR Oliphant is also the unit’s high-time flier. He commanded several challenging offshore medical evacuations and led a District Seven deployment supporting counter drug and alien migrant operations. He also lent his aeronautical expertise to support the Secret Service on two separate occasions. Finally, LCDR Oliphant has demonstrated his ability as a leader in his capacity as a Unit Flight Examiner, completing 18 upgrade flights, and as an Engineering Officer in which he oversaw the unit’s aircraft maintenance plan, an 83 person workforce and the H-60 Prime Unit.

Are are thankful for all you do, LCDR Oliphant!