Being Sports Earth Friendly

In honor of Earth Day 2015, let us sports fans think of how we can be more environmentally friendly when it comes to how we lead our everyday sports lifestyle.

It’s good to live as “green” a lifestyle as possible, but when it comes to the kids and your weekend sporting endeavors, we can always do a little better about protecting mother Earth. You can do that by being better aware of your resources and everyday needs.

One way you can be kind to the Earth is to limit your use of plastic bottles. According to Ban The Bottle, on average, the United States alone purchases and consumes more than 50 billion plastic bottles per year and only 40 percent of those bottles are being reused or recycled.

Lets just say the next tournament your team competes in, instead of buying a case of plastic water bottles or sports drinks, buy a one gallon jug and continue to use that each weekend. Fresh, cold tap water is the best way to stay hydrated and it’s much better for the environment.

Find more ways to reduce the need for plastics. Throw a couple of reusable canvas sacks in the back of the car for the next time you buy supplies at the grocery store. If they are not being incinerated, plastic bags and other plastic products like bottles are wasting space in landfills around the globe.

Carpool, carpool, carpool! If you are a part of a team, find players who live close to you and share the carpool duties. It will cut down on energy costs and lower emissions. It will lead to less stress and save money in the long run. Carpooling is a great way to forge strong bonds between teammates and make for lasting friendships.

Are your kids moving up a league and have old equipment just lying around? Maybe they have outgrown a bat, cleats or clubs. This is a great way to reuse and recycle sports equipment. There are many sports stores that resell sports equipment. You can help the environment and even make a little money in the process.

Being Earth friendly is a personal decision you have to make on a regular basis. The first step to a lesser carbon footprint is knowing your surroundings and cutting down on waste.

Happy Earth Day sports fans!