Cinderella Syndrome

Watching the game with my son… the NCAA Tournament is my second favorite time of the year after Christmas.

March Madness!! The only time in the world where grown men hope and pray to be Cinderella so they can dance throughout the night.

I must say, athletes from the Hampton Roads area are playing for some major programs, breaking major ankles and really living up to the 757 basketball reputation. This is not an easy task, with the legacy left by some of the greatest to ever do it coming from Tidewater area. Whether it was Norfolk’s (Maury) own Joe “The Beast” Smith for the Maryland Terps, or two of the best college basketball players ever, Georgetown’s Hoyas Alonzo Mourning from Chesapeake (Indian River) and the People’s Champ A.I., “The Answer” “You talking about Practice?” Allen Iverson. A.I is my personal favorite, from Hampton (Bethel). Those are just a few…

Since we’re talking about excitement and the history of Hampton Roads basketball, sophomore Troy Williams of the Indiana Hoosiers is from Hampton, and is the nephew of basketball icon Boo Williams. Troy is a high-flying highlight reel and a must see. I guarantee by games end somebody will be left sniffing his behind as he swings from the rim with a nasty dunk.

Next up is Anthony “Cat” Barber, point guard of the North Carolina State Wolfpack. Hailing from Hampton High, he really lives up to his nickname ” Cat”. This guy is so fast. I pulled a muscle watching him last week on TV score 33 points in the ACC tournament.

Speaking of Cinderella stories…The Hampton Pirates after losing to Norfolk State twice during regular season stole a victory last week in the MEAC tournament and got an automatic bid into the tournament. The basketball gods rained down on them once again and gave them an exciting victory over Manhattan, which almost gave them Cinderella Syndrome – but… Kentucky came up undefeated from the Blue Grass state with a little Home Remedy of Butt Whipping Potion and poured it all over Pirates. It’s okay though, we still love them back home.

No matter who your alma mater is or who you picked to go all the way, follow our players from home and let them know we’re proud…

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