David Wright Hits Another Home Run For CHKD

Winter storm Jonas was spitting sideways. While most along the Northeast were hunkering down for this historic storm, baseball fans in Hampton Roads were braving the howling wind and freezing rain that pelted the Virginia Beach Convention Center Friday night. “Snow is a four letter word around here, so for all these people to come out and brave the elements, I can’t thank them enough,” said David Wright as these same people streamed into the ballroom for the 6th Annual David Wright Vegas Night.

Wright is no stranger to the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters. Long before being known as the New York Mets Captain, Wright was spending time with the young patients in Norfolk. “I can’t think of a better establishment to support in this area. It’s something that when I did not have the financial means or notoriety to put on extravagant events like this, I would love to hang out with the children and playing with the children or just saying hello. So to be able to do this now and to be able to raise this type of money and to see exactly where this money goes and to see the kids enjoy the things we put in that hospital because of this event, its spectacular,” added Wright.

Joining Wright for his big night were big league buddies Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals and Michael Cuddyer who recently retired from his 13 year Major League Baseball career. Cuddyer is a IMG954449big supporter of Wright’s cause and has been to all 6 events. “All 3 of my kids go to a CHKD pediatrician and when we need to go to the emergency room, we go to the hospital in Norfolk. So it is great to support David. It’s a great to support his cause, but his cause is our cause. It’s a no brainer,” said Cuddyer.

At some point the conversation turned to baseball and when asked about his upcoming 12th season playing third base for the Mets, Wright said he is eager to get the season under way. “Can’t wait. Personally, last year did not go the way I drew it up with the injuries that I had. But I feel good and I feel like I have a good plan in place heading into the season so I’m excited to get started.”

Moments after sharing that thought with us, Wright kindly said thanks. He turned and entered the ballroom where many of his fans were settling in for a nice evening of fun for a good cause. Outside the convention center, winter storm Jonas was flexing its muscle and bearing down on the East Coast. But inside the grand ballroom, the warm embrace of giving back felt as good as ever.