One Year of RECKreational Sports

Happy anniversary to me!

Last week marked one year of hrScene and RECKreational Sports and what a year its been! My first post on February 18, 2015 promised you that RECKreational Sports was going to evolve from week to week. I promised to share my experiences as a sports reporter, coach, player and father. Let the record show, I lived up to that promise.

Before I reveal which story you all loved the most, here are a few of the topics covered in the last year.

In the last year, I have shared personal accounts with many of our local and well-known athletes. I have written about David Wright, Michael Cuddyer, William Fuller, Tyrod Taylor, Frank Beamer, Richard Petty and Crossfit Champion Ben Smith.

As a father of two teenage boys, I shared my thoughts on youth sports and how to get the most out of practice. I busted on post game snacks and even gave tips on how best to enjoy your kid’s sports. There was a salute to sports moms, great holiday sports gift ideas, workout tips around the New Year and how to deal with both hot and cold weather sports. I even shared some great sports camp information. I shared a personal story about the time I suffered a major concussion playing football at Virginia Tech.

Nothing seemed to be out-of-bounds… not even myself! One RECKreational Sports story blew the whistle on myself for being a little too overzealous and loud at a high school baseball game. (But that umpire had it coming!)

RECKreational Sports covered the great outdoors with stories about a million dollar marlin. We went crabbing, looked into the rockfish season, we went surfing and even played disc golf. We celebrated a local man who was inducted into the Table Tennis Hall of Fame and I even focused on the time-honored tradition of the playing of the National Anthem.

RECKreational Sports took you to a Halloween baseball game and even to the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship.

That seems to be a lot of ground in one year’s time, but in a way I feel I have just scratched the surface of great local sports topics.

I am proud to say, the story that received the most views was my Salute to Sports Moms!

It is my hope that you found something interesting and maybe informative in this friendly little post. I’m excited about what this year brings for RECKreational Sports and like I said in the first post, I hope it includes more stories about boardwax and baggies!