Rumblings from the Reck

What do Caitlyn Jenner, American Pharoah and Lebron James have in common? This unlikely trio is dominating the headlines and for different reasons.

I consider myself a casual horse racing fan at best, but I find myself rooting like heck that American Pharoah wins this week at the Belmont Stakes. He’ll be the 14th three-year-old colt with a chance to put himself in the history books as the first horse to win the Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978.

Hasn’t it been long enough that horse racing fans see a horse take home the ultimate horse racing prize? Who can even remember the way life was way back in 1978? I was just entering high school with tight jeans and short shorts. Guys parted their hair down the middle. Fantasy Island hit the TV while John Travolta was shaking it in his white suit in Saturday Night Fever.

The point is: its been too long!

But history is not on the side of American Pharoah. Thirteen other horses have been to this moment before, only to come up short. Remember it was California Chrome who last year fell short of horse racing’s greatest honor.

Also dominating the sports world this week will be Lebron James and his attempt to bring the city of Cleveland a long overdue championship.

It’s been 51 years since a professional championship trophy was raised in “The Rock and Roll Capital of the World.” Jim Brown led the Browns to the NFL Championship back in 1964. That moment was celebrated even before the first Super Bowl was played in 1967!

Not everyone will be rooting for King James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Steph Curry’s cute little 2-year-old daughter seems to have her own fan base and the Golden State Warriors will be tough to beat. But if you have a heart and if you do not have a horse in this race, than maybe seeing a new city raise its arms in triumph might be the ticket.

So what does Caitlyn Jenner have to do with all this? Since this post has spent so much time in the past and now that Caitlyn’s gender change is almost complete, I thought it would be good to remember Jenner as the great athlete that she once was.

Jenner was the golden boy of the 1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal. The former college football player became an international celebrity by winning the gold medal in the decathlon. He was an American hero and named the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year in 1976. Next to follow was the cover of a Wheaties box and a brief appearance on the TV series ChiPs.

Somewhere along the way Bruce became Caitlyn and now she’s the most famous openly transgender person in the world! Even you have to admit that this is an amazing story. In 1976, Jenner was considered the world’s greatest athlete and now 39 years later she is even more relevant than ever!

So a horse, Caitlyn Jenner and Lebron James all dominating the headlines. Plenty to root for or against, depending on your take. What will next week bring?

Thanks for letting the Reck rumble!