The Comedy Dad is dealing with Rising and Lowering Temperatures

The Comedy Dad is up and down: temperatures that is!

The Comedy Dad’s Halftime show

It’s all about “Halftime” for the Comedy Dad

The Comedy Dad is celebrating two birthdays!!

Two birthdays… The Comedy Dad can’t believe it! Tobias, my first-born and best buddy, turned two this week. We didn’t know […]

Where Y’all At? Comedy Dad Goes on the Chase

The Comedy Dad has two kids under two… and he’s getting his workout!

Comedy Dad is Famous on the Weekends

The Comedy Dad’s kids don’t know daddy is famous on the weekends…

Country Boy GPS to Kings Dominion

Comedy Dad Alex Scott used “Country Boy GPS” and the back roads to take his family to Kings Dominion.

Caring for Six Kids… Mount Trashmore to the Rescue!

Uncle Alex needs someone to rescue him……who volunteers for six kids? Better let them play it out on Mount Trashmore.

Life in the Fast Lane at the AAU Junior Olympics

The Comedy Dad is living life in the Fast Lane at the AAU Junior Olympics.

Batter Up with the Peninsula Pilots!!

Comedy Dad and Comedy Son knock one out of the park at the Peninsula Pilots game!

It’s Getting Hot out Here!!!!!

What Ice Cream Truck? I didn’t hear anything..