Annual 757 Special for Nauticus is Back

Nauticus and the Battleship Wisconsin are having their annual special entry rate of $7.57 for all locals (and new locals). 

“Escape” from the Wisconsin during Escape Ship: Captain’s Challenge

You can escape a room… but can you escape a battleship? Escape Ship: Captain’s Challenge starts at the Battleship Wisconsin on July 1!

Best Date Night Hampton Roads: Haunted Ship Zombie Pirates

Haunted Ship: Zombie Pirates is thrilling fun in Norfolk. But is it the best Halloween date in Hampton Roads? Read our local’s review.

Toast the Battleship Wisconsin

The Battleship Wisconsin is celebrating 70 years safely home from WWII. Let’s celebrate with a new beer honoring her from O’Connor Brewing!

Fantail Film Fest Not Just for Kids

Watch movies like WWII sailors did on the Wisconsin at Nauticus!

Break Codes (and Waves!) on the Battleship Wisconsin

Have some WWII Spy fun on board the Wisconsin! Check out Spy Ship: Code Breakers at Nauticus.