Hitting the Streets “On The Run!”

Memorial Day is just around the corner but we have plenty of running action this weekend. Let’s go “On The Run!”

Race Those “Turkey Legs” Away, On The Run!

Now that we put down those big meals for the Thanksgiving holiday, many of you will be looking to rock out some miles.

Spooky Fun and Scary Runs This Weekend

Halloween weekend is here! hrScene’s running blogger looks at some holiday themed races on the latest edition of “On the Run”.

Running into the New Season, “On The Run!”

Fall running events are right around the corner, so get the latest running news and notes from Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding.

Sun And Fun Plus Some Great Times This Week…”On The Run!”

Summer running and racing shout outs in this week’s “On the Run”

Ready To Race, On The Run!

The Biffledink 10X 5K ihas runners doing a 5k every hour, on the hour, for TEN HOURS! More Hampton Roads races On the Run!

Comedian DeRay Davis Talks Comedy, Acting & More!

DeRay Davis has been in countless movies and television shows, now he is performing his own comedy show right here in Virginia Beach.

Hampton Roads Locals Reach for the Stars in “I Got This”

Fox 43’s new reality show “I Got This” showcases Hampton Roads residents’ struggle to reach their dreams.

Hampton Roads On The Run!

Hampton Roads is on the run! Here’s the big winners from last weekend and races and fun runs you can’t miss.