Girl Scouts Kick Back at Zoo Fest

The Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast celebrated “Zoo Fest” at the Virginia Zoo.

Cookie Crazy: Girl Scout Cookies Arrive in Hampton Roads

More than one million boxes of Girl Scout Cookies arrived in Hampton Roads Saturday to be distributed to customers across the region.

The Scouting Way: Norfolk Girl’s Inspirational Story

Hope loves selling Girl Scout cookies, but this year she can’t go door-to-door like she usually does.

Hundreds Participate in Girl Scout Cookie Classic

You normally may not associate cookies and exercise, but the two went together perfectly this weekend.

USO to Receive Girl Scout Sweets & Treats for the Holiday

The Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast are donating holiday goods to military members and their families.

Luana Munoz Steps Outside with the Girl Scouts

Luana Munoz from the Hampton Roads Show hung out with some girls scouts at their Step Outside event in Chesapeake.

Girl Scouts Donate Cookies at Scope

21,137 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies were donated to the USO.