The American Revolution Continues in Yorktown

The American Revolution Museum is celebrating their grand opening after a 10 year project to replace the old Yorktown Victory Center.

Grand Opening Weekend of American Revolution Museum

Celebrate the grand opening of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, featuring an introductory film, timeline, immersive exhibition galleries and […]

William & Mary Tops Historical Colleges List

We all know Williamsburg is full of history, and now William & Mary has been recognized for its place in the history books.

Hampton History Museum Exhibit Looks at Slavery Resistance

Learn the inspiring stories of more than 30 slaves from Hampton who escaped to freedom or took up arms during times of war.

Historic Photography: Norfolk’s “Boom Years” at the Willoughby-Baylor House

Urban development at the turn of the 20th century in Norfolk was caught on camera and will be displayed at the Chrysler Museum’s Willoughby-Baylor House

Help the Hampton History Museum Search for the Sixties

You can share your stories from Hampton Roads in the 1960s on Saturday, March 12th at the Hampton History Museum

Revolutionary History in Action at Hampton History Museum

See history come alive at a reenactment of the Battle of Hampton

Historic School Gets New Life in Currituck

An old school building in North Carolina with incredible historic relevance was slated for demolition until a local businessman saved it.

10 Back to School Lessons from the Yorktown Victory Center

Here are some history lessons you can’t miss from Hampton Roads’ historical gem, the Yorktown Victory Center.

Uncovering Early American History at Jamestown

Four skeletons uncovered at Jamestown shed light on early settlers.