Countdown To Vacation

Counting down the days to vacation is exciting and fun! For me getting ready to go is a great part of the travel experience and believe it or not, it’s much more involved than just making Facebook countdown posts.  I’m actually preparing for my next big trip and will share the 4 things that should be a part of every travel “To Do List” to get you ready to go with ease!

Get Your Money Right

If you plan to make purchases on a card when you are traveling you’ll want to contact your bank or credit card and alert them of your plans so your service will not be interrupted a.k.a. declined.  This can be a huge disappointment or inconvenience when you get ready to buy that amazing souvenir or charge that special meal.  You also want to be sure you check exchange rates and possibly go ahead and exchange your cash if you will need money when you arrive at your destination.


There is nothing worse than needing verification and not being able to find it, especially in a foreign country.  At least two weeks before traveling be sure you have your passport, visa, itinerary, plane tickets, hotel confirmations with address and number, boarding pass, luggage tags, vouchers, airport transfers, excursion receipts, show tickets and documentation for anything else you purchased as a part of your vacation accessible.  Yes, that’s a lot to remember, so making a list and getting it all prepared in advanced will keep you organized and help ensure you don’t leave anything important behind.

Packing Preparation

Ok, weeks in advance may be a bit much for most people but starting early helps keep packing light and organized. No, I don’t actually put items in the suitcase this soon.  I do start making sure I have prescriptions filled, cross checking weather forecasts with my itinerary, going through my closet to be sure I have everything needed and that it all fits properly.  This strategy helps me remember everything I need to bring and it also saves me lots of last minute shopping and buying things for trips that I don’t really need because I didn’t check to see what I had first.  Besides, I need that spending money and luggage space for shopping on the vacation!


When booking travel we are all give an In Case of Emergency contact and I take this very seriously.  So seriously in fact, I create my own ICE document for my contact that includes my itinerary, all my travel plans with phone numbers for hotels, flight numbers, car service names, the contact information for others traveling with me and even my expected driving route when traveling by car and expected time of return.   Before departing for any trip I email these details to my I.C.E. and review them to be sure they are clear.  This gives everyone peace of mind about my safety and whereabouts just in case they really need to reach me or in the event of an emergency.FullSizeRender

Preparing to leave can be frantic but taking care of these 4 things in the weeks leading up to vacation will save you from the last minute panics before you head out of town and make that Facebook Check-In at ORF even more enjoyable when you finally post it!