Buzz Aldrin Meet & Greet to be Rescheduled

Hear Buzz Aldrin was to speak on his many experiences (yes, including the one where he walked the moon!)

“Sister-Girlfriends” hit jackpot!

Cha-ching! No sibling rivalry here, a pair of Virginia Beach sisters have hit the $10 million jackpot. Did we mention this particular scratch-off ticket is the largest prize offered by the Virginia Lottery? 

Heads Up! RIVERFest is Coming our way

Heads up Hampton Roads! RIVERFest just announced their location of choice for the 2018 event.

‘#HashtagLunchBag’ Initiative Helps Locals

#HashtagLunchbag has made it’s way to Hampton Roads for the first time. This event is the perfect example of how a small group of people can have a large impact on individuals around them!

Va. Beach Police Department is Asking Kids to “Chill Out!”

Young children across Virginia Beach are being ticketed by police, and for all the right reasons!

Feeling Cheesy?

Your name didn’t need to be Jack or Colby to participate in a ‘grate’ opportunity! A woman from Norfolk won a free year’s supply of cheese from Lidl.

Local Breweries Place in State Beer Competition

Some of Hampton Roads breweries hopped their way into the Virginia Craft Beer Cup!

Get a Slice of This!

Walmart Neighborhood Market is giving out free pizza on Monday. Find out if your local Neighborhood Market is taking part.

National Doughnut Day 2018

Get ’em while they’re hot! You dough-not want to miss out on these super sweet deals.

The Tide Celebrates 10 Million Rides

HRT will be raffling off GoPass365 passes and handing out t-shirts to celebrate this milestone!