So Beach Ready

I don’t know about you but after this last month I am ready for warmer weather. For goodness sake we live at “the beach” and after this last month of snow and ice all I can think about is escaping to someplace where the sand is white, the ocean is turquoise and the Pina Coladãs are endless. I guess my daydreaming is actually more like a flashback to my most recent and perhaps my favorite cruise vacation ever, earlier this year to the British Virgin Islands.

This trip was fantastic from beginning to end. For starters, landing in, flying out and even just watching planes go in and out of St. Maarten’s SXM is an experience in itself. The landing strip is just feet away from the beach and watching the planes blow beach dwellers into the ocean at take-off can be hours of entertainment (especially over fruity cocktails). Heck, if you don’t leave the airport in St. Maarten you could still have a fun day. With a welcome this exciting I knew I was in for a good time.

The Windstar Yacht

I could have easily enjoyed the amazing beaches, bargain jewelry shopping and tasty Caribbean food for the whole 9 days in St. Maarten but my yacht for the week was waiting.  So, I boarded the Windstar for an amazing 7 days in Virgin Gorda, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Antigua and St. Barts. Ok, it wasn’t my own personal yacht but it sure felt like it! My home for the week is the perfect host and the most elegant transportation sailing through this beautiful B.V.I. itinerary. Unless of course, you have your own private yacht then by all means please invite me to come with you on vacation. However, I’ll warn you that I’ve been spoiled by parmesan truffle fries, fresh flowers in my room and the best butter cookies not just at sea but maybe on earth aboard the Windstar. While this boat is small in size the amenities and service are over the top and I love it.

Fun in the Virgin Gorda sun!

The yacht however was only the backdrop to the picturesque islands on this trip. In all of the Caribbean I think the British Virgin Islands have the most relaxing vibe to me. Everything is effortless, sparkling, warm and inviting.   So inviting, that even after several trips here I keep coming back to explore more. This was my first time in Jost Van Dyke and St. Barts and I loved them both but completely fell in love with St. Barth. I got to practice speaking a little French, drink good rosè, eat an original “cheeseburger in paradise” at Le Select and then shopped until I dropped. This was our final port and after 8 days of beaching and lounging over drinks served in coconuts this it was just the adrenaline rush I needed before heading back to reality. I soaked up every last-minute of this trip and even had time for a farewell Pain Killer back at Sunset Beach while watching the planes arrive at SXM to take me away.

I really don’t think there is anything more peaceful than the sound of the ocean or more beautiful than looking out into an endless blue sea so having Hampton Roads to call home is perfect for me. Now, I just need Mother Nature to usher in spring quickly or I’ll be calling my travel agent to get me back to the beach very soon!