The Comedy Dad is celebrating two birthdays!!

Two birthdays…

The Comedy Dad can’t believe it! Tobias, my first-born and best buddy, turned two this week. We didn’t know how we wanted to celebrate because his birthday fell on a Tuesday and my wife actually works like a grown person.

Luckily Tobias is not hard to please. We could have crashed the playground at Chick Fil-A and he would have turned the joint out! It’s been such a blessing ever since this little guy entered my life. I was blessed to have my first child at the age of forty, which was a major surprise for me, being that I was old. I was hoping for Godly intervention and not Faulty equipment.

From knowing his ABC’s by 14 months to now performing the “Whip and Nae Nae” in front of hundreds of people on the stage before Boys II Men, he provides nonstop smiles for The Comedy Dad and my wife. Unfortunately only a few days before he was born I had no reliable transportation. So three days before my wife gave birth we adopted my 2005 GMC Yukon. She was beautiful inside and out. We picked her out, they gave her a bath and we took her home.

Luckily she doesn’t drink Similac but her appetite for gas is never ending. I’ve only had to buy her shoes once and she just went in for her yearly checkup and got her inspection seal of approval.


These two came into the Comedy Dad’s life at the same time and I could never love a vehicle like my son, but I’m gonna take care of them both because they’re all I’ve got!!!


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