The Comedy Dad’s Halftime show

It’s Halftime, which seems to be the story of my life this week.
It started Friday when my wife got off of work and we started our journey to Northern Virginia, Manassas to be exact, to pick up my wife’s mother to come spend time during this three-day weekend.

If you’re not familiar with Manassas, it’s about two and a half hours away IF you get the jump on traffic. If you know Hampton Roads traffic that’s a big if. Especially if you have to travel on any road ending with the number “64”. You know 264, 564, 464, 164 or just plain 64.

The Comedy Dad did it though. I beat the traffic through the Newport News bottle neck with the kids and picked up the best dentist in all of Hampton Roads, my wife, Dr. Tamasha Scott at 2pm and we were off to the races.FullSizeRender-8

It almost felt like running a touchdown 80 yards with not a defender in sight. This was in conjunction with an agreement from my wife that she would drive back if we got back there before 5:30 pm because she wasn’t tired at all.

So now I’m thinking I just need to make it to halftime of this game because Grandma and Granddaddy gonna each take a baby and tickle, kiss and give treats to all the way down the road and my other baby said she gonna tear the road up.

I’m about to sleep all the way home.

Let me tell you that was a quick half time. My wife didn’t make back to Fredericksburg before she tapped out and I had to check back in the game.
Oh but Saturday I got the chance to watch some college football. You know The Comedy Dad has connections so my good friend Latrell Scott the new head coach for Norfolk State University, left me some tickets at will call at beautiful William “Dick” Price Stadium. Even though the guys lost a tough game against North Carolina A&T, one of the highlights and must-see whenever visiting a HBCU football is halftime show.

It was nothing short of amazing. Both colleges had some very talented and disciplined young students. Key word “young” because there is no way a forty-year-old could do the Cupid Shuffle toting a tuba.IMG_1699

To end my weekend with a bang I saw Tom Brady of the New England Patriots kicking butt and already out of reach of the Dallas Cowboys Sunday afternoon by Halftime…#HTTR


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