Fat and Healthy…….Sorta!!

Ouch! My back is killing me. I’m 42 years old with two toddlers and there’s never time for an aching back.

I’ve got cribs, beds, strollers and playpens. I’m six feet tall and sadly none of these items are eye level. I probably bend two hundred times a day. Let me tell you, my back is talking back to me.

And he ain’t saying nothing nice.

Oh, but this is nothing new: to me or the Emergency Room at the VA Hospital in Hampton. I think every other person was there with the same symptoms.
If you’re over 38 years old you know the symptoms I speak of. The “ImaGettingOld-itis.” One leg stiff, holding your side walking as if your imitating Fred Sanford.

I’m “The Comedy Dad” to you guys, at home I’m just “Dada.” Sometimes Dada is like your favorite quarterback playing in the NFC championship game. Everybody knows that back ain’t 100 percent but they know that their MVP ain’t gonna let them down and he is gonna play in the big game on Sunday.

That’s who I am to my family and every morning is the big game. Injuries? Ain’t nobody got time for that. I got diapers to change, baseballs to throw and walkers to redirect. When do I have time for back problems?

I don’t.

But thank God my Mother in-Law is a public school employee and is off for the summer and has come to save the day. When I left for the hospital the kids were laughing, eating, dry, and watching cartoons. What a blessing!

Speaking of blessings that I have received, I can’t say enough about the Hampton VA Medical Center and its staff. Plus they gave me some awesome news: outside of my bad back, I am pretty healthy.

My blood pressure is 125 over 84. My cholesterol is good. I’m a little overweight but my wife likes it. I left walking slow thinking my final report was:

I’m Fat and Healthy…Sorta!!


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