Groundhog Selfie!!!!

Sixty Five degrees in February, what happened to that?… Just a few weeks ago I was in paradise. It seemed as if everyone in this house knew it would be a beautiful day. The kids were smiling and my wife looked like see was floating on air. Our biggest and only problem was to choose from the many options that this area provides.

Like any other family we chose our weekend activities around our food. We found a gift card for P.F. Chang’s in the Virginia Beach Town Center on Virginia Beach Blvd. We also wanted the kids to get some fresh air so we decided to visit Mt. Trashmore which was only about a mile away…….MISTAKE!!!!!! Remind me to never visit this park on the first 70 degree day of the year. The park was beautiful; kites flying, dogs catching frisbees and women jogging in outfits that make married men super uncomfortable or too comfortable (in this situation there’s a very fine line.)

Parking was awful to say the least. Three lots full of families with dogs, bikes, balls and other fun gadgets to storm the mountain of fun and fitness.

My son is only 16-months and playgrounds were full of older screaming, very aggressive children, ranging from about five to twelve. We only stayed about 20 minutes and decided to find a place less popular with similar play equipment.

My wife and I decided to take advantage of the February traffic and take the kids on an adventure across the tunnel to Buckroe Beach in Hampton. The moment we pulled up we knew we made the correct move. We were able to park two spaces away from the playground and TT was able to ride the swing immediately and the sliding board a million times it seemed. I’m 42, my back paid for that, but the babies got to have fun. The water was beautiful. The people in the park seemed to be local to the area and very friendly. Outside of the portable restroom and three blatant plumber butt sightings, it was awesome. Next time I’ll bring our bikes because the boardwalk was empty and just begging for me to cruise.

We stayed about two hours, enough to let the kids get nice and tired. We loaded the truck and they were sleeping before they hit the HRBT, which was not busy at all. So if you are in the area I would suggest that you take advantage of the fun attractions in other cities before the crippling traffic starts during tourist season.

Oh but Mr.Groundhog was feeling arrogant, took a groundhog selfie and saw his shadow, which put Jack Frost on us for six more weeks. Now I’m glad we took advantage of the gift card and the beautiful day, because I’m not going anywhere but Wal-Mart and WaWa until it gets back into the 40s…..#hrscene #thecomedydad