Man Stuff!!!
This month has been really challenging. The weather has been crippling. I’ve had shows cancelled in Hartford, Connecticut, Richmond and Baltimore, Md. Not to mention cabin fever. I’ve been stuck in the house and by the weekend the kids and I were all bouncing off the wall.

Now it’s snow season and you’re “The Man of the House.” You know what time it is, “Shovel Time.” I was pumped. I threw on two pairs of socks, my long johns and a scarf, kissed the babies and outside I went….

That’s when I realized I wasn’t as tough as I thought. That wind hit my face and froze my lips through the scarf immediately. My first instinct was to run back inside. Knowing we were gonna be stuck in the house for a few days I had to make a Walmart run for groceries. My wife can’t stand grocery shopping so I got enough dinner to last for three nights. I loaded up on Similac for my baby girl, fresh fruit and treats for TT, and chips and salsa for the wife so I wouldn’t get cursed out. And, I got Starbucks coffee pods for my Keurig because I’m a coffee junkie. I went home and made some Spaghetti with a salad sprinkled with bacon bits for my baby…

Then I looked at my wife’s work car covered in ice and my hands were already feeling like they were gonna crack. And I did what any good husband would do at that point. I ran back inside and gave her the keys to my car that was under the covered parking.

So as you can see every family dynamic is different. My wife is better at putting things together—you need a PhD to build an IKEA entertainment center. I am better at casseroles. And a real man does what he needs to do to keep his unit flowing. It just so happens in my house I’m the cook/maid/childcare/security because I still have to do the manly stuff too. So, it’s no telling what I might be doing when my friends call. I might be making a casserole, doing the dishes or checking the oil in the cars…in this house it’s all MAN STUFF!!!

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