It’s a No Shave November for the Comedy Dad

Well November is here and The Comedy Dad has a lot going on. Thanksgiving, my daughter’s first birthday and my beautiful wife’s birthday was November 6.
First thing you would notice is the full beard is back for a cause. That’s right it’s “no shave November” and everyone is growing out facial hair to bring awareness to cancer of all forms.
Whether it be breast, colon or prostate we’re gonna get together Hampton Roads and kick its butt. But for right now my face is on fire but my wife and kids like it so I can take it.
What I like to see are the guys who are giving No Shave November a try but their beard doesn’t quite connect. It kinda reminds me of the James River Drawbridge when it’s open.
Then you have those beards that look like the Wavy 10 News weather report with patches of rain throughout the Peninsula and the Southside. Sometimes I just wanna walk up and tell them to put some fertilizer on that face.

The Comedy Dad is wrong and shouldn’t leave out the baby face guys out here. We know you’re not shaving either, we can’t tell but we really appreciate you anyway.
I’ve been spoiled by the beard gods, given a beard that not only connects but has also has the nice salt and pepper blend that makes me feel like ” The Most Interesting Dad in the World” who has been sent to Earth to bring awareness to cancer and help millions of people and be stylish while doing so.

I lost my grandmother to throat cancer about 20 years ago and it still hurts, but knowing I could help another family heal and recover from the havoc that this terrible disease can cause then The Comedy Dad wouldn’t ever shave again and would walk around looking like ZZ Top.

So even when November is over and the beards are gone because everybody’s wife makes them shave for Christmas pictures let’s remember everyone may not be as blessed as you and always find a way to let God use us because if one family in the Tidewater is hurting we all are…


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