Virginia Living Museum

The Virginia Living Museum has full-day and half-day summer camps where museum educators help children explore nature and space through hands-on activities, touring through the museum and touching live animals. Camp are available from preK to 5th grade age.

Virginia Living Museum
524 J Clyde Morris Boulevard
Newport News, Va. 
Phone: (757) 595-9135


Summer Half Day Camps

Monday – Friday, 9:30 a.m. – Noon
$120 VLM Members/$135 non-members

Pre-K children Ages 4-5:
Places Where Animals Live and Play
Learn about butterflies in the garden and the lives of crabs. Crawl underground like an ant
and howl like a wolf in the woods.
Dates: June 4-8, June 11-15, June 18-22, June 25-29
Let’s Do Science!
Investigate the world of physical science – from magnets and machines to liquids and light.
Dates: July 16-20, July 23-27, July 30-Aug. 3, Aug. 6-10, Aug. 13-17

Completed Kindergarten or Grade 1:
Animal Champions
Who is the biggest? Who’s the best? Speed, strength, size – by comparing a variety of
traits, you’ll see how animals measure up in their own Olympics.
Dates: July 30-Aug. 3, Aug. 6-10, Aug.13-17
Sun and Moon
The Sun and the Moon are the two easiest sky objects to see. Explore the relationships
between the Sun, Moon and Earth in this wonderful camp!
Dates: June 18-22
How Big is Big?
The Moon is big, right? What about the Earth? Is the Sun even bigger? Join us as we
explore just how big is big!
Dates: July 9-13

Completed Grades 2 or 3:
Junior Paleontologists
What did the world look like when Allosaurus was alive? Explore ancient environments by
investigating geological puzzles and the fossil evidence of dinosaurs and other prehistoric
Dates: June 18-22, July 30-Aug. 3
Among the stars
Are all stars exactly like our Sun? How might other stars be different? Let’s explore space
to find out!
Dates: July 16-20
Destination Space
Space is amazing! Join us as we go exploring the cosmos to see what we can find.
Constellations, the Moon, the Solar System, and more are on the itinerary!
Dates: July 23-27

Summer Full Day Camps

Monday – Friday
$235 VLM Members/$265 non-members

June 25 – 29 • 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (bring lunch)
Before Care 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. $40 • After Care 3 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. $95

Grades K-1:
In Your Backyard
Your backyard is an exciting habitat to explore! Join us as we dig deeper into leaf
litter, check the canopy for cool critters, and watch for birds soaring through
the sky while learning about different backyard habitats.

Grades 2-3:
Dinosaurs and More
Can’t get enough of all things prehistoric? Then this is the camp for you! Come walk
in the footsteps of dinosaurs, examine fossils up close, and learn what it takes to
be a paleontologist.

Grades 4-5:
Hey! This is (mostly) rocket science!
Come discover the principles behind rocketry in this exciting full-day camp! We’ll
be launching, flying and even exploding all kinds of rockets. Plus we’ll explore what it
takes to be an astronaut, how they live and work in space, and so much more.

July 16 – 20 • 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. (bring lunch)
No Before or After Care

Grades 4-5
Junior Naturalists
Come explore the diversity of habitats that surround us during this full-day field-based
camp. We will visit forests, marshes, and the Chesapeake Bay in our quest to learn about
the plants and animals of Tidewater Virginia.