5 Steps to the Perfect College Student Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is the college student’s answer to Thanksgiving, to be held with ones friends usually before the holiday. It’s a lot of fun and very easy to organize with your friends in college or anyone else you want to have a celebration with but can’t carve out time for on the actual day due to other obligations.

For Hampton Roads college students who are in the middle of exams, it’s a great time to circle up with friends, blow off some steam during exams, get in a great meal that’s NOT coffee and ramen, and have a little fun. Plus if you get into the stores after Thanksgiving but a few weeks before Christmas, you can take advantage of some great sales.

Here are some tips on how to throw a quality friendsgiving:

  1. Get some friends: This part is important. Without friends, friendsgiving is just another evening spent sitting alone in bed inhaling a questionable amount of food (aka Friday night). Reach out to your friends and see if they’re down to hang out and eat Thanksgiving foods together.
  2. Carefully assign turkey duty: Don’t ask your well-meaning but flaky friend to handle the centerpiece of the dinner. Make sure someone trustworthy is handling the bird. Better yet, get a few people to prepare the turkey together.
  3. Don’t let everyone sign up for desserts: In any given potluck situation, it can be tempting to sign up to bring something simple like cups or cookies. For friendsgiving, make sure you get people to bring a range of foods. Otherwise, you’ll just be getting a lot of brownies instead of a full dinner.
  4. Put down your phone: A friend recently joked that if friendsgivings had to be kept secret, no one would have them. In this day and age, people can go a bit crazy with documenting their lives for social media. It’s an understandable instinct. Who wouldn’t want to be photographed surrounded by their close friends and delicious foods? Still, it’s not cool to ignore your friends just to get some likes on social media. Take a few nice group shots and then hide your phone to avoid the urge to Instagram the whole meal.
  5. Lower your expectations: Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be a fancy or flawless affair. Something may get burned or dropped at some point. Not a big deal. Worst comes to worst, there’s no shame in throwing your hands up and going out to eat, a la The Christmas Story. The most important thing is spending time with each other. It’s cheesy, but true.

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