Church in Chesapeake help feed over 700 families for Thanksgiving

Sunday morning Community Church campuses in Western Branch and Kempsville distributed food to over 700 families in Hampton Roads.

Starting back in October, the church began collecting need information from the community. Individuals and community groups within the church got together to fill boxes for the needs of those families.

The boxes came pouring into Community Church campuses from all over Hampton Roads, filled with turkeys, stuffing, pies, and all Thanksgiving fixings.

The boxes started leaving the campuses either picked up by the families in need or delivered to homes who have no transportation by volunteers from the church.

Senior Pastor Michael and Megan Brueske said, “Every family deserves the opportunity to make memories on Thanksgiving.” No one should have to worry about what they are going to eat. That’s why we’re doing this. Pastor Megan added, “It’s easy to say we helped 700 families. But, we also know that every one of those 700 has a name and every name matters to God. We hope every family has an amazing Thanksgiving. The best is yet to come for Hampton Roads and for Community Church.”