Inclusive Playground Opens in Perquimans County

A playground packed with something fun for all ages and abilities is now open to the public in Perquimans.

As part of the “Play Together Construction Grant for Accessible Playgrounds,” Trillium Health Resources provided $350,000 towards the project. Several grants were awarded in 2015 and the playgrounds are all opening this year.

The inclusive playground at the Perquimans County Parks and Recreation Department includes rock-climbing, music centers, a rocking boat, a 4-seater seesaw, adult exercise equipment and double-wide ramps.

“Trillium is so excited to officially open the playground in Hertford and continue making a positive impact on the community,” says Leza Wainwright, CEO of Trillium. “With these new updates, children with disabilities can better enjoy play time with their peers, and family members with disabilities can participate in outside play together. We strive to strengthen the bonds within the community, and this park helps eliminate the stigma of disabilities.”