Spread the Joy of Music with (HOPE) n Music at the Virginia Beach Funk Out

We all have moments where we can recall that we heard the perfect song. Whether we were celebrating good times and something bouncy played on the radio or a sad song allowed us to just have the good cry we need, music can be an incredibly therapeutic tool for people overcoming challenges or living with difficulties. Nonprofit (HOPE) n Music strives to answer that need.

John David Church, the Marketing Director for this weekend’s (HOPE) n Music event, Virginia Beach (HOPE) n Music at workFunk Out, described it as an “organization that spreads something as fundamental and natural as the love of music and help those in need. Often times when you are going through something terrible, it’s hard to remember some of the pure things and beautiful things in this world. Music is definitely one of those things and it helps you reconnect.”

Currently (HOPE) n Music is working with the Wounded Warrior Project and the Autism Society of Tidewater to provide this important type of therapy to those who may benefit. The organization has been around for about a year, and they’re thrilled to be starting to take on students.

It’s not music theory or history in a traditional sense like you  might get in school, explains Church. Students learn how to actually play instruments  and apply the sounds and sensations to their lives. “Learning how to express yourself through music is about as cool as you can get,” says Church.

You can express yourself through music and help support this amazing organization at this weekend’s Virginia Beach Funk Out! It’s a Shaka’s in Virginia Beach from noon to 10 p.m. on Saturday. It’s going to be a family-friendly event that’s fun for everyone, with activities, food trucks, beverages, and you know the best music.

And don’t let the threat of rain keep you away! Church told me that “something like rain is not going to stop us!” and that there’s a rain plan in place, but everyone’s fingers are crossed for sunshine!

Virginia Beach Funk Out

If you have any hesitation about supporting this wonderful cause or having a great time at this event this weekend, Mr. Church summed it up nicely: “I believe music is the one thing in this world that can actually bring us together. There are so many terrible things in this world and reasons not to be kind or generous or caring. But you can listen to a song and it doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, and you feel that connection.”

Wouldn’t you love to feel that connection?

For more Information About (HOPE) n Music, visit hopenmusic.org.