A Beginner’s Guide to Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA

No doubt you’ve seen that Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA is coming to Virginia Beach. The tent is going up soon, and you’ve started thinking about clearing your calendar and buying tickets for yourself and your family.

You can tell from the ads you’ve seen that KOOZA is no ordinary circus. You don’t know what to expect. “Will I even like it?” you’re asking yourself. “Will my kids enjoy it or will I wind up wasting a lot of money pulling my child out of the tent early, crying because there are no elephants?”

You have questions. We have answers. Here’s your beginner’s guide to KOOZA.

What’s the backstory for KOOZA?

Every Cirque du Soleil show has a back story that moves the show along and ties the acts together. KOOZA’s story is pretty easy to follow, so that makes the show great for first-timers. There are two main characters, the Innocent and the Trickster. The Innocent is a somewhat melancholy loner who lives life in black and white. The Trickster is charming, mischievous, and opens up the world of KOOZA for the Innocent. As they explore and witness the magic together, the world becomes more colorful for the Innocent (and your world may become a little more colorful as well!)

Cirque1What can I expect?

Imagine your senses heightened with vibrant colors, amazing makeup and costumes, high energy acrobatics, live music, and dozens and dozens of talented performers. You’ll see some traditional circus acts like the high wire, trapeze and the unicycle but also unique performances by talented athletes.

How is this different from a normal circus?

There are no animals in any Cirque du Soleil show, and there haven’t been any since the show was founded over 30 years ago. With all human performers, look at it more of a hybrid between circus and theater than a traditional circus. Also year after year in city after city, Cirque shows are all different experiences.

Is this an event for children?

It’s definitely a show for everyone, but as always it depends on the child. Kids and their parents will both have fun if everyone has experienced a live show before. The performers do engage with the audience, but there are no scary surprises to jump out at your little ones.

Will anything scare me?

Some of the acrobatics, particularly the “Wheel of Death” are literally breathtaking. You’ll be on the edge of your seat and will gasp, but nothing will make you scream. There’s nothing terrifying. It’s more awe-inspiring.

What is the audience interaction like?

Clowns and performers like to hang out with the audience! Get there a little early. You could be sitting next to a clown! A few acts take volunteers, but the clowns and performers are very good about reading the audience and choosing enthusiastic participants.

What if I don’t want to participate?Cirque2

That’s okay! You can politely decline and enjoy the show!

Is it going to be funny?

Definitely. Get ready to laugh. The show has three clowns that play around between acts.

What is the music like?

There will be a six piece band with two vocalists playing through the whole show. Unlike other shows where the performers must choreograph to the music, Cirque musicians perform for the artists on stage. The band leader has to be very aware of how the performances are going and be able to tell if an artist needs a rest or a shorter or longer amount of time and build it into the music.

For more information on KOOZA and to purchase tickets, please click here!

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