Admission To Mariners’ Museum About To Be $1 ‘For All Time’

Feel like learning a little maritime history?

Well it’s about to become even more cost-effective to do so. The Mariners’ Museum and Park in Newport News has announced it is changing its admission fee to $1 “for all time.”

The new price is an extension of the museum’s $1 summer admission promotion. These prices will go into effect starting Saturday, November 17.

Exhibits at the museum showcase eras of maritime history stretching all the way back to the days of explorers like Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés.

Of course, one of the biggest and most well-known features of the museum is the USS Monitor Center — which features a full-scale replica of the famous ironclad ship. The Monitor sank in a storm off North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Dec. 31, 1862, several months after the Civil War battle of Hampton Roads.

Surveys to the Monitor’s wreckage site over the years have led to the recovery of a number of artifacts.

The Mariners’ Museum and Park is located at 100 Museum Drive in Newport News. Get more information about the museum, its exhibits and events at this link.

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