Baby Zebra Born at the Virginia Zoo

The Virginia Zoo welcomed a new edition on June 2 with the birth of a baby girl zebra. The newest foal brings the herd to five zebras at the Zoo. The proud parents are a 15-year-old filly Abbey and five-year-old stallion Zack. The newest one is Abbey’s third filly, and the second with Jack.

She came in weighting 77.55 pounds and is around 3-feet-tall. The birth helps protect this certain species of zebra, as there are less than 60 in captivity in the North American Species Survival Plan.

There are three species of zebras. Hartmann’s Mountain Zebras inhabit rugged, broken and mountainous areas up to 2,000 meters with a rich diversity of grass species and perennial water sources.

Abbey and her little one will stay behind the scenes for a bonding period before going into the exhibit.

The Virginia Zoo says a naming contest for her will take place in the coming weeks.