Back to Campus: Christopher Newport University


This article was written by the hrScene Captains Correspondent Victoria Lurie

Your entire life has been leading up to this moment. You graduated, you got here, you are finally standing on the Christopher Newport University campus and… you have no idea where to go from there.

But worry not; we’ve got you covered. It all depends on what you need.

You Need: Financial Help

And we don’t mean just Financial Aid (although they do fall under that category.) The newly minted Newport Hall houses all the important student offices. If you have problems with your tuition bill, your scholarships, your FAFSA—it’s all in Newport Hall. Whether you need the Cashier’s Office or the Office of Financial aid, just get up those steps and under the big gold dome, and someone will help you from there.

You Need: School Supplies

Because one thing your tour guide probably left out is that at CNU, most students pay for their own scantrons and blue books for their exams. And unless you were forewarned and bought some of each on Amazon before Welcome Week, then your best bet is the Captain’s Locker. They sell both for under a dollar each, so stock up.

You Need: Textbooks

It’s an occupational hazard. And unless your summer occupation paid you in spades, the idea of shelling out for all the books to all your courses probably makes you want to cry. CNU’s book vendor is eFollet but if you get sticker shock, then and  are also great resources.

You Need: a Job

On-campus jobs (barista, dining services, tutoring, etc.) and networking for post-graduation jobs can all be found on CNU Career Connect. Just upload your resume and be sure to go the Career Center (located in Newport Hall) whenever you can.

You Need: a Tutor

Depending on the course, there is probably a tutor available either within the department or in the tutoring centers (Newport Hall). Talk to the professor of the class you’re struggling with, and they can point you to a tutor or a tutoring group. Sometimes, if the subject is particularly difficult, the tutoring sessions will be posted on bulletin boards in the academic buildings. If you don’t need tutoring, you just need someone to look over your paper (or someone to teach you how to write a thesis) go to the Writing Center (currently Trible Library, most likely relocating to Newport Hall).

Have a great year at Christopher Newport!