Basket Peeping!!!

I have to admit. I’m a little bit nosey in the grocery store. For some reason I get a kick out of seeing what people buy right before a storm, whether hurricane season is attacking the coast, or if the occasional snowstorm named “Sparta” is passing through. Did I miss something? When did we start naming snowstorms? Whatever Mother Nature may bring, what’s in a person basket tells a lot about them.

I love seeing that big happy family. You’ve seen them. Dad fresh off of work pushing the basket with a toddler in the seat and two older kids hanging on to the sides like firemen and one crunk dancing in front of the Pop Tarts as his momma says ok. They have a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, Frosted Flakes, hot dogs, and Ramen Noodles. That tells me it’s gonna be a lot of Xbox playing and cartoon watching. That just doesn’t seem like productive food to me.

On the flip side, you see that couple walking around with skin-tight fitness outfits with fluorescent sneakers as if they had been dipped in a nuclear reactor to give them super powers. Don’t look them in the eye because they will give that “you fat bacon eater” look and you may end up like them, weighing kale and bananas and showing off your triceps as you snatch up two cases of Deer Park. When I see this basket and behavior I always think to myself they look like they have a lot of rules in that house. I wouldn’t make it through the storm there.

Then it’s always fun the see the college students no matter what side of the tunnel you are on. Whether it’s an ODU, NSU, CNU or Hampton student getting ready, they’ll be wearing their UGG Boots and scarves loading up on chicken nuggets, frozen pizzas and chips and salsa. Yeah, I only described female clothing because we all know college boys would starve, but hopefully for their sakes they are dating one of these girls shopping.

Maybe I missed my calling and should have been an F.B.I. profiler. Nah, I’m just a nosey dad who loves to read your shopping carts. So no matter what I think as long as what’s in your basket makes you happy – Get what makes you happy…

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