Best Date in Hampton Roads: Old Coast Guard Station Ghost Tour

hrScene is on a quest to find the best date in Hampton Roads! In this ongoing blog series, we’re asking local couples to go out and test-drive some of the coolest dates that we have in our seven cities. 

Nomination for Best Date in Hampton Roads: The Old Coast Guard Station Ghost Tour

Local Couple Checking it out: Sarah Hill and boyfriend Keith

Allow me to preface this by saying: I believe in ghosts. My boyfriend, Keith, believes in ghosts too. We both LOVE history, especially local lore, and we’re both very frugal and are particularly conscientious these days about approaching heating bills and saving for holiday gifts. So the Old Coast Guard Station’s Ghost Tour was perfect for us!

How did it go
That’s a ghost, right guys? That’s totally a ghost.

What a fun date! My boyfriend, the thrill-seeker/Ghostbuster wannabe actively charged into haunted buildings, scanned the horizon for the ghosts and furiously snapped pictures of anything that could be haunted. I swear we caught a picture of a ghost. My skeptical coworkers offer a much more scientific and photography-related reason for the eerie spot on the digital photograph, but I remain firm that a ghost accompanied us on the tour.

I am a believer but a “jumpy” type of believer, making sure I wasn’t left alone in a potentially haunted area just in case I had an ectoplasmic encounter. I didn’t, luckily, but was captivated with the local tales the whole time. All in all, believer or skeptic, it’s undoubtedly a lovely way to spend a fall evening in Hampton Roads.

The Experience

Our “ghost” tour guide William took us on a short walk up the Boardwalk and even onto the beach, stopping at key locales while the fall breeze blew and sent a literal chill up our spines. William was very easy to talk to, IMG_3149and we often interrupted for questions, explanations, or requests for elaboration. Some of the ghost stories we were familiar with, some were new to us, and some we had misconceptions about. (I can’t be the only one who thought Witchduck Road was named after a witch who turned INTO a duck.)

The tour started at the Old Coast Guard Station, and the staff really gets into the “spirit” (ha see what I did there?) by dressing up and sharing their own unexplained tales of haunted happenings.

Whether you are a ghost hunter, a skeptic, or a non-believer the Ghost Tour is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit and learn a lot about our local history.

What’s in the area

IMG_3173It’s the Oceanfront, so there are plenty of bars and restaurants around to grab a pre- or post-tour drink or nosh. I won’t say which restaurants, but you can even continue the haunted theme of your date and eat in a place with reported ghost sightings within walking distance. This led to a good-natured debate about my willingness to dine in a haunted restaurant (we opted for non-haunted fare) but there’s a ton around and within short driving distance.



As always, the biggest challenge with any Oceanfront locale is parking. There are plenty of paid lots (cheaper now that it’s fall) and decks within easy walking distance. The trick is to find one close enough to the Station. Also keep in mind that ticketing is a very real possibility so make sure you’re on the up-and-up with your car.


The prices are as follows:

  • Adults $12
  • Children $5
  • Members $8

Walking tours last 60 to 90 minutes. For more information, visit their website!

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