Best Date in Hampton Roads: Virginia Air & Space Center

hrScene is on a quest to find the best date in Hampton Roads! In this ongoing blog series, we’re asking local couples to go out and test-drive some of the coolest dates that we have in our seven cities. 

Nomination for Best Date in Hampton Roads: Virginia Air and Space Center

Local Couple Checking it out: Angie McPherson and her husband Shaun McPherson.

How did it go?

My husband and I had a blast at the Virginia Air & Space Center! We both haven’t been since we were very young and it was so nostalgic to talk about our respective field trips there when we were students. I can’t remember well, but my husband seemed to remember many of the exhibits! It was so fun to go as adults and go together.

The Experience
VASC Plane
Angie McPherson Photography

We walked upstairs and immediately saw an AirTran plane (in addition to a ton of other small aircrafts) on display. We gave each other a look of “Do you think we can go inside?” Yes, we could! The interior of the plane was awesome. We played around with the controls in the cockpit for a few minutes and walked through the plane. There was a cute seating area with an informational video playing. A few kids sat in the seats and buckled their seatbelts. So awesome!

We sat in the Solarium, explored spacecrafts, and learned about the solar system and NASA. My husband then spent 15 minutes going from game to game. He had fun proving that his reaction time was faster than mine and boasted that he could be a pilot. I did better in the color blindness test, so I had my chance at redemption. Another cool aspect to share is that there was a wedding being set up on the first floor! How cool would it be to sit at your reception table and view the aircrafts above you?

What’s in the area?

We didn’t take the time to grab lunch in the area but if you go, please know there are PLENTY of awesome restaurants in Downtown Hampton, within walking distance, too! Overall, we had a great time! Our usual dates are to the movies and dinner so doing something unique for a change was very refreshing.

Angie McPherson Photography

The VASC was very easy to find and was just a few minutes off of the interstate. You can’t miss the IMAX marquee right in front of the building. There were a few parking lots and garages in the general area to choose from and we were lucky to find an empty spot in the lot across from the building. The address for VASC is: 600 Settlers Landing Rd in Hampton.




An adult ticket is $18 but you can save $2-$3 if you are a senior, member of the military or NASA. Child/student tickets are $14.50

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