Best Date in Hampton Roads: Williamsburg Dinner Theatre

hrScene is on a quest to find the best date in Hampton Roads! In this ongoing blog series, we’re asking local couples to go out and test-drive some of the coolest dates that we have in our seven cities. 

Nomination for Best Date in Hampton Roads: The Williamsburg Dinner Theatre

Local Couple Checking it out: Liz Daley and her husband Steve

My husband and I were graciously invited by George & Joann Pantas, proprietors of the Williamsburg Dinner Theatre to immerse ourselves in Greek culture by attending the closing night of “My Big Fat Greek Murder”.

The Experience

Quality Inn and Suites of Williamsburg went to great lengths to make sure the Greek dishes were authentic.  We were treated to Spanakopita (fresh Greek spinach pie), salad, an amazing buffet and we finished up with some seriously tasty Baklava.

Between each course, the intimate cast, who each created multiple outlandish characters, immersed us in Sophie’s wedding rehearsal, where an unfortunate “murder” had just taken place. Throughout the evening the audience members were included in the script and allowed to embrace their inner thespian. All the guests thoroughly enjoyed the improvised interaction!WDT2

Making her Williamsburg Dinner Theatre debut, Dana Braxton created the title role of Sophie, and with her physical beauty and appealing nature, she is the perfect ingénue.  However, she clearly was having more fun with the other characters where she was allowed to be as over-the-top as she wanted. Alex Godschalk played the role of the groom-to-be, among other characters and he brought a lot of passion and commitment to the silliness that ensued. Vincent Morlino seemed to be having the most fun of all, channeling Borat and bringing down the house.

George Pantas played the role of Poppy and more importantly, he also served as the Master of Ceremonies, keeping the action moving forward and the guests informed as the plot twists surprised and delighted.  George’s genuine charm, along with his wife Joann’s warm demeanor,  made the perfect team and made everyone feel like part of the family.

And, in typical Greek fashion of keeping it all in the family, George & Joann’s daughter Alika appeared in the cast, and also directed!!! An experienced coach and writer, she brought out the best in the cast.  She very effectively used the cozy ballroom, it’s different entrances and exits, to keep everything fluid and fun!

WDT3Finally, as with all interactive theatre, the audience makes “the play” different every night!  On the night we visited, there were very lively guests who truly loved getting involved, and even started suggesting ideas.  The versatile and professional cast seamlessly inserted the suggestions and everyone had a great time!

If you are looking for a fun night on the town, make sure to visit Williamsburg Dinner Theatre. Their next show is called “A Midsummer Night’s SCREAM” and starts on October 16th and runs through November 20th.


Williamsburg Dinner Theatre tickets are $39.95 for adults and $17 for children 12 and under. Tickets include the show and the buffet for adults, child plate for kids. You can make reservations by calling 1-844-8MY SHOW or visiting their website.

Liz Daley is a Wedding DJ, Master of Ceremonies and certified Wedding Planner who provides coordination and entertainment services in Williamsburg, VA and the surrounding areas.

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