Best Date Night Hampton Roads: Haunted Ship Zombie Pirates

hrScene is on a quest to find the best date in Hampton Roads! In this ongoing blog series, we’re asking local couples to go out and test-drive some of the coolest dates that we have in our seven cities. 

Nomination for Best Date in Hampton Roads: Haunted Ship: Zombie Pirates! At the Battleship Wisconsin at Nauticus.

Locals Checking it Out:  Tessa Hamilton and friends

Who doesn’t like snuggling up to your loved one while walking through an old scary haunted ship?  If you are looking for a great way to enjoy the Halloween season, the USS Wisconsin is the place to be!



The Experience

I haven’t been on the Wisconsin since I was a little girl, when it was first opened to the public at Nauticus.  It was neat to be back on the ship with a few close friends.  We boarded the ship around 6:15pm and were greeted by a gorgeous sunset off the stern of the boat.  It was perfect with the American Rover and the Sail Nauticus boats sailing about in the harbor.  It distracted me from what was going to happen next below the deck. Haunted-Ship-2015-Logo-tn

At promptly 6:30pm, the sun disappeared and we looked behind us to see a couple of zombies.  Before being allowed to go under deck, we were welcomed by a rather dead member of the crew.  She briefed us on the situation and the story of the haunted ship.  We became the crew of the USS Wisconsin and were told the ship was moving a big shipment of chemical waste.  The ship was to be attacked by pirates and then an accident occurred.  Not to give away the whole plot, we were told to go below deck, follow the glowing tape and try to survive the trip.

After climb down the steps into the darkness, an eerie feeling swept over us.  My small group and I were all alone in this massive ship.  As we followed our way under the deck, we met with some of the worried crew and heard their concerns.  We continued our adventure through the ship and eventually pirates and zombies attacked us.  Somehow we were able to escape after trying to give up one of my friends for ransom.

How did it go?

For someone who doesn’t scare very easily, there were a few times the cast frightened me.  We really liked how there was a story plot and a reason to the haunting.  Plus, Nauticus has the great authentic ship to host this haunting on.  There is so much history on the old ship, which makes you wonder if it is really haunted.  The actors and actresses did a great job.  Unlike most haunted houses, they actually acted and not just scream or yell at you.  We were able to adventure through the ship to see the different rooms, including galley, mess deck, engine room, berths, and etc.  You are self-guided through the ship, so you can go at your own pace.  The lighting and extra sound effects enhanced the spooky experience.  We think the best way to enjoy the haunted ship is either as couples or in small groups, which makes this the perfect double date.

If you are looking for a different experience than your typical haunted house, come visit Nauticus for their unique scary experience.  Some say the ship is truly haunted.

What’s in the Area  

To complete your fun double date night, the Wisconsin and Nauticus sits next to the beautiful Elizabeth River.  It is perfect to catch the gorgeous sunset before becoming a zombie on the ship.  You never know, it might be the last sunset you get to enjoy.  Afterwards, you can complete your double date by enjoying some delicious food and tasty drinks in any of the numerous restaurants downtown Norfolk has to offer.


Tickets are $10 per person.  They are open Friday and Saturday nights (October 23-24) and Thursday and Friday October 29 and 30th from 6:30-10pm.

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