Blog: On The Run For 2017! Away We Go!

The Latest Running News, Notes, Shout Outs, and More from Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Runners in Hampton Roads; how are You? Whether you’ve been running for a while or you’re just trying to keep your New Year’s resolution, make “On The Run” your place to visit.

This section is devoted to getting your race results and shoutouts, along with tips and advice for your next run. Also we share interviews and tell you where the next cool races are in the area to add to your race calendar.

If you’ve never checked us out, a little bit about me. I’ve been running for over a dozen years now and have 20 marathons under my belt. Over that time here in Hampton Roads, I have been fortunate to add great friendships with so many wonderful and talented runners in this area.

Runners have a tendency to be very friendly and always enjoy a good run with a buddy. Plus, they are happy to chat about our sport and offer some guidance.  You can even catch up with other runners in the area for some great runs for fun; if you know where to go.

Lots of fun to share, so here’s our Video Report:

Keep doing what you do and check here for more each week. You never know, you might even get a “Shoutout” right here, “On The Run!

Feel free to share race pics. Email me. See you soon!