CampusScene: Surviving the First Half of the Semester

As the temperature starts to get colder and the days become shorter, the mood in the air on-campus has changed. We are now seven weeks into the fall semester of 2016, it has now become officially fall as of two weeks ago. I myself have never been a fall person for the simple fact that I hate the cold. Lately I have been looking forward to the fall season, not exactly because of the weather but the festivities that occur around this time.

Haunted hayrides, fall fashion, scary movie marathons, cool weather and Halloween things that may seem trivial to others, are the height of excitement for college students. It’s tough being in between adolescence and adulthood. We see these things as upcoming memories to treasure as the fun times in college, so why not live it up?

While this is a very exciting time during the semester, this is also a crucial time were a lot of students fall into a slump academically and abandon their studies for the festivities. An important lesson that every college students should learn early in their academic career is that you should always put your schoolwork first. You will have a lot of time to enjoy the fun activities but you should always remember why you’re here in the first place, and that is to obtain a degree.

Among the festivities happening around this time there is one that college students have been waiting on since the beginning of the semester, homecoming. Homecoming can be seen as a rally cry to the students at said university to gather and channel their school spirit into one week of braggadocios pride, in my case Spartan pride.

Norfolk State homecomings usually consist of the Homecoming parade, concerts, cookouts, a few celebratory ballroom dances, and other activities. Writing about the experience of homecoming wouldn’t be the best explanation of it. To truly know an authentic Norfolk State University homecoming experience you must rally with the Spartans.

You will notice a totally different atmosphere as though you’ve stepped into a different dimension. From the sounds of the Spartan legion; Norfolk States’ band, humming across campus to the eye capturing aesthetics of green and gold you will truly see eighty-one years of history wrapped all into one week.

Through all the multi-tasking of school, work, social life, and extracurricular activities the fall season becomes a breathe of life to closely deceased students who crack under the pressure.