Car Give-Away Brings Attention to Recycling

Guess the recyclables, win a car.

Here’s how: visit the Nissan Leaf at Nissan of Norfolk through April 30 to guess how many recyclable items are packed inside for a chance to win the car.  Nissan of Norfolk, the City of Norfolk, and Recycling Perks have meticulously placed plastic bottles, sheets of paper, and pieces of cardboard inside an all-electric Nissan Leaf. The car is on display at Nissan of Norfolk located at 1250 N. Military Highway in Norfolk giving residents the ability to peek in.

Then activate your Recycling Perks account and place your guess on your dashboard.

This project aims to increase the awareness of recycling, educate on what items can be recycled curbside, and inform residents about Recycling Perks – a free incentive program available to curbside recyclers in Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Suffolk.

Here’s some information about Recycling Perks from their website: “We are incentivizing saving the world with a truly local recycling rewards program that offers participants amazing discounts at local businesses. We’re part of the City of Norfolk, Suffolk and Chesapeake’s curbside recycling service. Residents receiving City trash and recycling are eligible to participate in Recycling Perks’ free rewards program. Visit for more information and to activate your free account.”